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blue xxl bully pitbull puppy for sale kansas city mo
Male | $4.5k
blue xl bully pitbull puppy for sale kansas city mo
MALE | $4k
chocolate xxl bully pitbull puppy for sale kansas city mo
Female | $4.5k

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  1. Chere

    How much for puppies?

  2. Faith

    I’m looking into bully puppies. How much are these puppies?

  3. RBBUnk

    Any Merle’s on deck.!?

  4. Rod

    Can you ship overseas ( Japan )

  5. Michael

    How are you doing? I’m trying to purchase a merle puppy.
    But here’s the catch I want to purchase two puppies not from the same litter because I want breeding rights so I’m not 100% sure if I should get the mail first or the female first I was thinking the female first so this way she has time to mature my father always taught me. You always wait until at least the third or fourth heat before you even think about letting the female get hit the dog needs time to mature and grow before she can become a mom this way you also get better pops when you wait so I was wondering if I’d be able to get a package deal on two pups we can agree on the price point for both of the pumps I will pay half upfront, and I will pay the other half upon receiving the second pup I’m using voice to text I apologize. Some words may not be spelled correctly but you get the point. I’m looking as soon as possible I do want breeding rights only so I’m able to make my initial investment back. I am not looking to start a kennel or anything of the like I want to get a puppy for my son and I also want to get a puppy from my best friend who just lost a family member I feel like it would help him in his time of difficulties at the moment my son will be five years old soon I want to get the puppy at this age bracket so they are able to grow up together at some point down the line the second puppy that I have purchased from you that I’m giving to my friend as a companion since he is now lonely. I will take my puppy and let it get hit by the second dog I bought one time one time only just so I am able to make back my initial investment for the two dogs. Does that make sense ? God bless.

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